Sunday, June 16, 2024

Usually pets are not supposed to ride on any motorcycle, but if you take a quick search on the web you will find many images and video clips where dogs and cats are riding on a bike 🙂 Here is our top 15 list of cutest biker pets.

1. This is the coolest dog you will ever see, sitting on a bike waving at fellow bike riders.

2. Meet Scooter, this dog has more miles on a motorcycle then any dog in history. He broke two motorcycle world records.

3. If Jack Russell terrier Zeus and his owner hit the road for a ride on their Kawasaki motorcycle, the dog takes his spot with his back legs on his owner’s lap and his front paws on the gas tank.

4. Here is one for all you cat lovers.

5. Lexus the Dirt Bike Dog and James Stott in an epic ride across the sand dunes

6. Awesome cat takes a motorcycle ride behind its owner on a street.

7. Chopper the Biker Dog being busted by the cops 🙂

8. That’s how you take your dog along!

9. Safety first!

10. Harley the biker dog.

11. Is there a side car on that Harley?

12. This dog is comfortably along for a ride on this Harley in his own little tank bag.

13. This is probably the last thing you expect to see while driving down the highway, but this dog looks pretty comfortable!

14. Another awesome video.

15. Born to be wild 🙂

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