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With these bikes range is not the issue. It’s whether you can stay on the road long enough not to go hungry!

Tank range is one of the most important factors when choosing a new bike. Even for Sunday drivers covered range maters. Manufacturers state all sort of power and speed numbers but they rarely mention range. Maybe ’cause the possible range covered is tightly tied to your wrist holding the throttle. Besides fuel consumption you’ll need on more thing to cover long distances on a single tank. And that’s the size of it.

So here’s our list of long range bikes that fall in the category of bikes that have good fuel consumption and large enough tanks.

10. Honda CB500X

The CB500X has a 471cc parallel-twin engine. It’s a little and economical power train that averages 70.4mpg when being pushed hard and it can be even more frugal, averaging 83.65mpg when being used moderately. It has a 4.5 gallon tank and that means the CB500X can easily return over 320 miles from one fill-up.

9. KTM 1190 Adventure

The 1190 Adventure is a versatile motor that has a 6 gallon tank that can with some moderate driving give you even 61mpg. But in real world conditions it will easily achieve 40-50 mpg and a range of 250 miles from one tank of fuel.


8. BMW R1200RT

A big BMW tourer with a tank of 6.6 gallons. An average riding style will give you around 280 miles or even more if you’re careful. Anyways you don’t need to worry that often to visit the fuel pump.

7. Kawasaki KLR650

This one is a little strange. You probably don’t want to go 200 miles on a bike like this, but nonetheless it can do it if you’d want to. A huge 6 gallon tank and a single piston engine will give you great fuel economy and 285 miles of range.

6. Honda ST1300 Pan European

This bike feel at home when asked to go on long range trips. With its 7.5 gallon tank it reaches some serious mileage of around 350 miles. Wow!

5. Suzuki DR750

A bike designed to go through the desert so it’s really not a surprise it can deliver some serious range. Depending on the model it has a tank ranging from 6 to 8 gallons and a fuel economy of 50mpg. This will give you around 300 miles of range easy.

4. Honda CB125F

Another Honda on our list. This one has a smaller tank of just 3.5 gallons but with a single piston 125cc engine it does an incredible 413 miles with a consumption of 145mpg.

3. KTM 640 Adventure

Once again the big fuel tank gives its bike a huge range. 7.5 gallons of it. Paired that with an economic 625cc engine the KTM gives you around 370 miles with a fuel economy of 60mpg.

2. BMW R1200GS Adventure

The Adventure version of the 1200 model comes with a bigger tank and as it’s name says its there for more time on the road and more adventure. An almost a 9 gallon tank paired with an engine that has a 47mpg average easily gets you 340 miles. And if you’re careful with the throttle the magical 400 miles range is reachable.

1. BMW R80 G/S Paris Dakar

An old bike on the list but a one with 10 gallons of tank capacity. With 50mpg it drives on one tank more than 420 miles.

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