Tuesday, July 23, 2024

1.) Save gas

The first thing many people think of with motorcycling is the savings in fuel costs. That may be an unfortunate first thought because there is so much more to motorcycling. But it is true that motorcycles go farther on less gas.

2.) Insurance is cheap

Many are surprised at how inexpensive motorcycle insurance is. The correct perception is that motorcycles are not as safe as cars. But the insurance industry is more focused on the damage you could cause someone else, so the relatively light weight of your motorcycle poses very little risk to others on the road.

3.) Freedom

But forget all the financial reasons. Motorcycle riding is liberating. Not having done sky diving we can’t say for sure. But of all the things we have done, there is nothing like riding a motorcycle to make you feel free. Your bike is lighter than a car, so you feel lighter, too. You feel light, free, and ready to go soak up another riding experience unlike anything you will ever get in a car unless you are a professional race driver.

4.) Exposure

A big part of the freedom you feel comes from the exposure you have to the world around you. There is no steel frame between you and nature. You are literally out there in nature, soaking it up with all your senses at once. You are more actively involved. You are one with your surroundings. Detractors thoughtlessly point to how “exposed” you must feel on a motorcycle. If they ever tried it, they would know that exposure is a really good thing, after all.

5.) It’s bold and sexy

It used to be the case that motorcycle riders were looked down on by society, but not anymore. Today, bikers come from all walks of life, and the perception is that they are bolder, sexier, more interesting people. And as a rider you accept this role in a way that makes you feel younger, more alive, and more confident.

6.) Mental development

Maybe it is because the sensory stimulation is so much bolder and more immediate on a motorcycle than in an enclosed car. But for whatever reason, riding seems to energize your mind to do more, think faster, and be more involved in the living of your life. Part of it is because on a motorcycle, for safety reasons, you really do have to be more aware of your surroundings.

But all of your senses really do seem to come alive when you ride. The sound of the engine and the feeling of its vibrations, the burst of that first rush of fresh air, the sights and sounds of your natural surroundings, all conspire to wake the sleeping giant of your human awareness. Your senses seem to come alive in a way that makes you feel as if you didn’t really wake up this morning until just now.

Mentally, you are fully aware that riding this thing can be risky, and you accept those risks. You prepare yourself for meeting an increased number of challenges. You realize the importance of awareness, preparedness, and timing.

7.) It’s fun!

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating. The sounds, the sensations, and the acute awareness of your surroundings all conspire to make this experience one of the very best in life. Make no mistake about it, it’s downright fun to ride. That rush of adrenalin is what really convinces you that you like this thing called motorcycling. Don’t ride because someone else does, or just because you can save some gas money. Ride because it’s the most fun you can have getting from point A to point B. Even when you don’t really care where point B is.

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