Sunday, June 16, 2024

Today, when you are out on the road, you need different apps for motorcyclists that can make riding safer, more engaging, and more fun. Take a look at some must-have apps for motorcycle fans right here.

1. Waze

This navigation app is free and available for Android, IOS and Windows. It shares traffic, road condition and route info in real time. This app gives you the most efficient way to get to find the path of least resistance to your destination. It can also sync you up with other riders.

2. Dark Sky Weather

It is only weather app that shows you down to the minute with great accuracy everything you need to know about weather conditions on the road. It shows you how much rain you are going to get, as well as which direction the storm is moving with the radar function.

3. FuelLog

With this app you can track fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and costs. It automatically calculates some useful stats like fuel mileage, fuel cost per month or year, total distances driven, and more.

4. AutoSist

This app is the best motorcycle maintenance app ever. It can easily create vehicle history reports and transfer all its data. It is very important, because when you go to sell the bike you will have all the repair information ever done.

5. Battery Doctor

This is a very simple but very important application, because once your phone dies, you’re back in the dark ages. It will show you all the apps you have running and how battery life can be extended.

6. Crashlight

This smartphone application is made to improve upon the safety of motorcycle riders. It will automatically alert 3 preset contacts and notify them of your accident location.

7. Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

This app can keep track of your speed and lean angle, distance, g-force, altitude, temperature and there are many more options. It’ll just track your ride and the information from it without navigation and route planning.

8. Moto Magazine

This application gives you information about the latest motorcycling news and covers everything from international races to global superstars. If you want to keep up-to-date, this app is the best choice for you.

9. Camp Where

This one is for the adventurers who would like to know detailed information about public campgrounds in the United States and Canada. Much of the information on the app is accessible without internet connection.

10. Speaker Boost

If you have ever been out on a ride, one thing more you’ll need is a way to crank volume up in your helmet speakers. It is a simple and small free app that allows you to boost sound beyond the preprogrammed limits.

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