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Biker tattoos are very popular among bikers. Tattoos are used by people as a way of expressing their lifestyles and themselves. Bikers love to ride because of the freedom they feel on the open road. Biker tattoos are symbol of the skill, pride and unique biker lifestyle passion. We picked 10 awesome biker tattoos that are quite popular among male and female bikers.

1. Harley Davidson tattoo – Harley Davidson is one of the most popular and iconic symbols in the world, and the company’s logo has been inked by many bike fans.

2. Biker Knuckles Tattoo – This is how the real bikers expressing their lifestyle.

3. Live to ride, ride to live!

4. Engine is the main power source of a motorcycle, so what do you think about this tattoo design?

5. Hells Angels forever tattoo

6. The eagle flying over the biker is a powerful symbol and many bikers have a flying eagle inked on their arm or back.

7. Here we have one funny tattoo design of a shrimp riding a bike. Prawn to be wild… awesome:)

8. Another beautiful tattoo design on a sleeve. “Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace” – Route 66

9. Here is a mix up ink of an engine and skull tattoo. It’s a fact that bikers and many motorcycle clubs have skull as their logo.

10. Here is a biker hottie tattoo design. The chick looks like Amber Heard.

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