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Motorcycles are fun, but require knowledge, caution, a cool head and practice to avoid dangers. Riding in traffic can be a nightmare, whether you are a beginner or ride for ages. That is the reason why some new advices are always useful. Below are some tips to help you stay safe on two wheels.

1. Choosing a motorcycle

The first thing before buying a bike is to know what it’ll be used for. Then you can narrow the options down, and choosing becomes much easier. The manufacturers have a huge variety of models and offering you affordable, user-friendly bikes to bring in new customers. Also, the decision to buy more affordable motorbike will save you regret that you spent so much money.

2. Use your helmet

A helmet is a form of protective gear that reduces concussions and other head injuries. They are an emotional topic for some riders, but without a helmet a chances to suffer brain injuries are three times more likely.

3. Trust your mirrors

Mirrors can be lifesavers if they’re adjusted properly. Always combine your mirror view with a glance over the appropriate shoulder. In this way you’ll add an extra measure to your safety.

4. Proper Training

There are different ways to learn to ride a motorcycle. For example, ask a friend to teach you or learn from the book and take the DMV test.

5. Be noticed

Wear brightly colored gear, especially your helmet and jacket. That way, drivers and pedestrians will see you, even from a distance.

6. Use your brakes

Always keep a finger or two on the brake lever and toe close to the brake pedal. In traffic you must react quickly.

7. Safety gear

This measure is a must-have for all bikers. It will take time to get used to this outfit, but safety gear keeps your body in one piece.

8. Group riding

Ride with those whose riding habits, maturity and skill you know and trust. Group ride gives you time to rest and talk with others sharing the pleasures.

9. Avoid bad weather

Rain cuts your visibility and reduces your tires’ grip on the road. Avoid making sudden maneuvers and be gentle with the brakes and steering to avoid sliding.

10. Ready to roll

Always, before each ride make sure, everything on your bike works properly. Check the chain, belt, your lights, horn, and directional signals. Make sure tires set at the proper pressure otherwise handling and steering gets really hard, and the bike doesn’t want to lean.

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