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Nothing better than enjoy the world and all its glory from the seat of your bike. It kinda seems closer and more alive, while the journey itself becomes the big thing, not the destination.

There are thousands of unbelievable roads around the world, but some of them are better then rest, because of their beauty and difficulty combined.

If you dream about saddling up the globe, here are Top 10 bike rides you can find.

1. Route 66 aka The Mother Road

Probably no1 US route, it covers 3,939 km, connecting Midwest USA to the West Coast, from Chicago to LA. It will make you crossing and enjoying landscapes of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

2. Pacific (American West) route

This baby is one of the most scenic drives in the world, and a genuine road trip heaven. It starts from Cali’s northern border and stretches all the way down to San Diego. On the way, you can enjoy in stunning views of the coast, seaside spots, untouched forest, even wine making districts.

3. Tibet to Everest route

Its main goal – Mt Everest from the Tibetan side. Enough said. The Himalayas, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet combined with motorcycle tours. What more can you ask in life? Oh yea, the Everest Base Camp lies at 5200m altitude.

4. The Australian Great Ocean Road

This one is practically on every “best of” route list out there. And it deserves that reputation. Carved along the ocean shores in the early 20th century, it offers everything a genuine biker could crave for. Bends and straights, wicked wildlife and mesmerizing views. The best riding section is between Lorne and Apollo Bay.

5. Trans Siberia Route

Biggest country on earth must have its own route on this list. Its ace is a 10,000km ride from Vladivostok to St Petersburg. Now how about that? It offers great spots to see, historic cities and endless forests.

6. Cape Town Route (South Africa)

This tour will give you African vibe at its finest. It is 1000 miles (1,690km) long drive, full of unforgettable roads, landscapes, as well as lots of sun and nice weather. Perfect choice for your riding vacation.

7. Norwegian coast route

This amazing ride is about Nordkapp (North Cape), which is the northernmost point of Europe. This 1500-mile journey is packed with ferries, fiords and remarkable sceneries throughout.

8. Pan-American Dream Route

The Pan-American Highway starts at top of Alaska and ends at tip of South America. Throughout this route you can find every scenery possible (forests, mountains and lakes), every climate condition known to mankind and biker from all over the world.

9. Road to Hana (Maui)

This baby is more than just a great drive through a spectacular Maui area. Before you try to experience Hana rout, try learning more about the history and legends of the area. The spectacular coastline ride is 100km long. It includes more than 600 bends and about 60 bridges along the way.

Hawaii, Maui, aerial view of the road to Hana.

10. Anatolia route (Turkey)

Basically, this is a strong ride from Istanbul to Anatolia, and it’s 2,980km (1,850 miles) long. This exotic trip starts at superb place, Istanbul, to place and beauty where early civilization was started here – Anatolia.

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